Material comparison


Weathering steel /Corten steel

Stainless Steel

Mild Steel


Material description

Aluminum is corrosion resistance and light weight

This is an architectural grade of steel used for making laser cut screens and garden sculptures. Rusts naturally and develops a patina with age.

There are two grades of stainless steel to choose from: 316 marine grade or 304. Grade 316 is used outside.

Mild steel is the cheapest option for a laser cut metal screen. Powder coated steel is typically for interior use. Popularly used as safety flooring or decks due to the low cost and safety.

Brass is an alloy made of copper and zinc, with a bright gold appearance. Brass, an alloy of copper, is robust, light-weight and highly corrosion resistant material. Ages naturally over time.


Cut edges should be addressed/rounded. When the job is baked surface tension draws the coating away from the hard edges. This leaves a thin area, allowing ingress of moisture and atmospheric corrosion

High resistance to corrosion and its copper content helps in the development of its unique coloring. The material may eventually drip rusty water, especially near the coast. Corten is corrosion resistant and will last a lot longer than mild steel

Stainless steel are stainless because a protective layer spontaneously forms on their surfaces and reduces the rate of corrosion to almost negligible levels.This thin, invisible surface layer is an oxide that protects the steel from attack in an aggressive environment.

Powder coated mild steel for exterior use can be problematic and is not recommended. Mild steel for a rust patina is not recommended unless it is to be used it is to be used inside with a sealer.

Resists moisture and strong for its light-weight. This perforated metal is rust free and free of perforated metal is rust free of maintenance all through the working life.







Surface treatment

Paints or powder coating, anodized, UV printing

Drugs rusting

PVD coating, polishing, coating,

Powder coating,